Presentation Archive

Presenter Name Session Presentation Title
Angela Dall'Ara Address Policy Current Policy Topics 2021-11-15
Ulka Athale Address Policy C. NRO NC/ASO AC Candidate Introductions 2021-11-15
Den Is Database E. RIPE Database Purposes in 2020s and Beyond - Summary 2021-11-15
Den Is Database E. RIPE Database Purposes in 2020s and Beyond 2021-11-15
Michael J. Oghia Plenary Help Us Build a Sustainable Digital Economy 2021-11-16
Pim van Pelt Routing Case Study: Renumbering an AS 2021-11-17
Corinne Cath Plenary The Enemy is Us: On the Sharp Edges of Internet Governance Culture 2021-11-18
Pieter Lexis DNS PROXYv2 Protocol for DNS 2021-11-18
Marco Schmidt Address Policy Feedback from the RIPE NCC Registry Services 2021-11-18
Martin Hutchinson Routing 4. Certificate Transparency and Discoverability 2021-11-18
Max Franke Plenary AnyEyeballs - Utilising Happy Eyeballs for Load Balancing 2021-11-18
Hisham Ibrahim Community Plenary 3. RIPE Community Report 2021-11-19
Sheikh Md Seum Plenary Janata Wifi - Affordable Internet for the Community by the Community 2021-11-19
Clemens Mosig Plenary Revisiting Recommended BGP Route Flap Dampening Configurations 2021-11-19
Hisham Ibrahim Opening Plenary Meeting Logistics 2021-11-19
Hans Petter Holen Community Plenary 4. Report from the Number Resource Organization (NRO) 2021-11-19
Giovane Moura Plenary Responsible Disclosure 2021-11-21
Randy Bush Plenary RPKI Policyw/o Route Refresh 2021-11-21
Andra Lutu Plenary Insights from Operating an IP Exchange Provider 2021-11-21
Emile Aben Plenary minRTT (lightning talk) 2021-11-22
Mirjam Kühne Opening Plenary Welcome to RIPE 83! 2021-11-22
Raymond Jetten IPv6 Welcome, Administrative Matters 2021-11-22
Alexandre Ferrieux Plenary Troubleshooting with QUIC 2021-11-22
Pavlos Sermpezis Routing 2. Estimating the Impact of a Hijack: Measurement Bias and How to Avoid It 2021-11-22
Alexander Isavnin Plenary Sovereign Internet and the Number Resources 2021-11-22
Ignas Bagdonas Routing 1. Administrativia 2021-11-22
Marco Hogewoning IoT RIPE NCC IoT Update 2021 2021-11-22
Elsa Rodríguez IoT User Compliance and Remediation Success after IoT Malware Notifications 2021-11-22
Ties de Kock Routing RIPE NCC RPKI Update Q4 2021-11-22
Hervé Clément Address Policy ASO AC activities Report 2021-11-22
Leo Vegoda Address Policy A. Administrative Matters 2021-11-22
Leo Vegoda Address Policy H. Review of RIPE IPv6 Policy Goals 2021-11-22
Erik Bais Address Policy AP-WG Agenda 2021-11-22
James Kennedy Address Policy F. RIPE Database Requirements TF 2021-11-22
Remco van Mook Connect 1. Opening 2021-11-22
Chris Buckridge Cooperation A Matter of Principle 2021-11-22
Denis Anti-Abuse D.2. RIPE RIPE Database Purposes in the 2020s and Beyond 2021-11-23
Hans Petter Holen Address Policy D.1. AFRINIC Case Update 2021-11-23
Constanze Dietrich IoT RIPE 83 IoT WG Session Introduction 2021-11-23
Bijal Sanghani Connect 5. Euro-IX update 2021-11-23
Tianxiang Dai Anti-Abuse E.1. The Hijackers Guide to the Galaxy: Off-path Taking over Internet Resources 2021-11-23
Brian Nisbet Anti-Abuse AA-WG RIPE 83 Agenda 2021-11-23
Gerardo Viviers Anti-Abuse D.1. RIPE NCC Abuse Handling Training 2021-11-23
Suzanne Taylor Cooperation NIS 2: Why we should be concerned and what we can do about it 2021-11-23
Anriette Esterhuysen Cooperation 6. IGF 2021, 6-12 December, Katowice, Poland, Hybrid Meeting Remarks and Q&A Session 2021-11-23
Peter Koch Cooperation AOB RIPE DB TF Recommendations Heads Up 2021-11-23
Yolandi Robinson Connect 6. Peering Toolbox 2021-11-23
Bijal Sanghani RIPE NCC Services D. RIPE Database Requirements Task Force Update 2021-11-23
Ondřej Caletka Open Source B. Virtual IPv6 Security Lab Environment 2021-11-23
Rehan Syed Database Web Interface Improvements in the RIPE Database 2021-11-23
Ed Shryane Database B. Operational and Cloud Migration Update 2021-11-24
Leo Vegoda Connect 4. IXPDB update 2021-11-24
Shane Kerr Database RIPE Database Requirements Task Force Report 2021-11-24
Libor Peltan Open Source D. Building a Modern TCP Stack for High-Performance DNS on Top of XDP 2021-11-24
Felipe Victolla Silveira RIPE NCC Services C. RIPE NCC Cloud Strategy 2021-11-24
Felipe Victolla Silveira RIPE NCC Services E. RIPE NCC Operational Update 2021-11-24
Hans Petter Holen RIPE NCC Services B. RIPE NCC Update 2021-11-24
Robert Kisteleki MAT RIPE NCC Tools Update 2021-11-24
Kurtis Lindqvist RIPE NCC Services A. Administrative Matters 2021-11-24
Pierre Gronlier Connect Gaia-X presentation 2021-11-24
Jan Zorz IPv6 RIPE 554 bis 2021-11-24
Mirjam Kühne, Niall O'Reilly Community Plenary 1. Update from the RIPE Chair Team 2021-11-24
Massimo Candela MAT How Open Source Supports Your BGP Research 2021-11-24
Annika Hannig Open Source C. Through the Looking-Glass - 5 Years of BGP Adventures 2021-11-24
Martin Winter Open Source A. Administrative Matters 2021-11-24
Anand Buddhdev DNS G. RIPE NCC DNS Update 2021-11-24
Geoff Huston DNS D. Measuring RSA 4096 validation 2021-11-25
Geoff Huston Plenary DNS “Openness” 2021-11-25
Mirjam Kühne, Niall O'Reilly Community Plenary 5. RIPE Draft Policy Development Process 2021-11-25
Carsten Schiefner and Eileen Gallagher Community Plenary 2. Rob Blokzijl Award 2022 2021-11-25
Nico Schottelius IPv6 Building IPv4 Islands for Fun and Profit 2021-11-25
Nico Schottelius IPv6 To ULA or not ULA 2021-11-25
Petr Spacek DNS BIND 9.16 resolver speedup 2021-11-25
Dave Knight DNS RIPE 83 DNS Working Group 2021-11-25
Peter Thomassen DNS Public Suffix List DNS Query Service 2021-11-25
George Michaelson MAT Economy-level Views of Honeynet Data [15+2 minutes] 2021-11-25
Menno Schepers Plenary RIPE 83 Technical Report 2021-11-26
Mirjam Kühne Closing Plenary Closing Remarks 2021-11-26