Time to Talk

Time to Talk

Meet the RIPE community and the RIPE NCC Executive Board

When: Monday, 22 November
Time: 17:30–19:00 (UTC+1)
Where: SpatialChat

During this social event, you will have the opportunity to meet:

All RIPE 83 participants are welcome to attend this event.

If it’s your first RIPE Meeting, we recommend that you participate to learn more about the community and its workings.

Time to Talk

How it works

  • On the right-hand side of your SpatialChat window, you will see a list of rooms that will be occupied by key community members.
  • Click to join any of these rooms to chat or ask any questions you may have. Everyone will have their names and roles stated next to them.
  • After three minutes a bell will ring and you can click to join the next room.