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Closing Plenary session
Friday, 26 November 2021
11:30 (UTC + 1)

MIRJAM KUHNE: I am. I think you probably need to be ‑‑ to stay in as Chair or something, because I see I am the speaker, so please don't just drop off.

BRIAN NISBET: I wasn't going to go anywhere. I was just going to kill my own ‑‑ no, I am gone now, this bit is boring. I was going to hang around...

MIRJAM KUHNE: Thanks, Brian. I just see I am the speaker so II don't know exactly how the permissions work otherwise. So I am going to share some slides.
I saw somebody noted in chat that looking here or in ‑‑ the technical team present usually marks the end of a RIPE meeting week. That's true. I mean, there is just a few bits left. So, here is some numbers in the Closing Plenary and some updates I want to give you at the end.

Again, my name is Mirjam Kuhne, I am the RIPE Chair. I think we also have Niall O'Reilly here in the background, the Vice‑Chair, and probably you have seen us during the week.

Just some numbers here.

We had, in total, 1,126 registrations, and you already saw the viewer statistics in Menno's presentation, there were 450 viewers per day, on average. We had 240 newcomers in total, which is great, and also some of them were also quite active during the week on SpatialChat and at the mics. We had 66 participants signing up to the childcare, which I think is fantastic. They were learning kind of playful coding and had some playful coding exercise. I wonder how many non‑kids actually participated. I think it was actually a fun activity.

And I want to put here, kind of, as a regular update, the report from the trusted contacts. The trusted contacts did not receive any reports during the week related to violation of the Code of Conduct. There were some small annoyances like on chat and some ‑‑ they were quickly picked up by the appropriate people, either the technical team or the RIPE NCC, and they were solved, and I hope you all had an enjoyable meeting and didn't experience anything bad.

Here are the stats, again in a different representation. The online viewing, as you see, during the week, and here are some stats. The country distribution we usually show you also during the Closing Plenary, you see it's mostly kind of western European countries represented, I think we have to do some work for the next meeting to make sure we are more inclusive also for other parts of the RIPE region. But this is what it is right now.

Here, we have the ‑‑ all the pictures of the Working Group Chairs. If you pay close attention, you will see some changes since the Opening Plenary slides. There are some new Working Group Chairs. I think I have them on a separate slide. Let me just get a move over. Thank you to all the Chairs for chairing all these Working Group sessions during the week, I think there were some really interesting discussions going on. Some good topics covered.

There are two outgoing Chairs, that's Alireza in Anti‑Abuse, he decided not to continue, so, Brian Nisbet and Tobias will be continuing as co‑Chairs for the Anti‑Abuse Working Group. And David Knight, co‑Chair of the DNS Working Group, his term has ended and he had to step back.

So, we have some new Chairs. We have some re‑elections. Bijal is going to continue as co‑Chair for the RIPE NCC Services Working Group. Achilleas Kemos and Julf, I think they are going to continue as co‑Chairs for the Cooperation Group. Then we have two new faces on the team. It's Marcos Sanz as a third co‑Chair for the Open Source Working Group, and Moritz Mueller as a third co‑Chair for DNS Working Group, replacing Dave Knight.

So, welcome, welcome back or welcome to the team, looking forward to working with you all between the meetings.

Then, of course, the RIPE Programme Committee put together a fantastic programme, I think, up until just now, the last presentations were really great, great to have this discussion. There are two ‑‑ Brian has already announced that, early on, there were two outgoing ‑‑ there were two seats open and Pavel decided to step back, and Dmitry is kind of re‑elected in a way, kind of continues, there were no elections, but continues to be on the PC, as well as Alexander Azimov, who used to be the ENOG rep, as Brian explained, so they have a full team again for next time.

We also had elections for the NRO Numbers Council, there were four candidates and Sander Steffann was elected by quite a margin as the next candidate to replace Nurani Nimpuno, who was the third member in the Numbers Council up until now, together with James Kennedy and Herve Clement, so we have three members again in the Numbers Council, and welcome, Sander, I am sure he is going to do a great job in all the background he has in address space and networking. So, congratulations, Sander.
We have a number of prizes, and I am looking forward to having physical meetings where we can hand them over physically. This is going to be virtual. All the winners will win T‑shirts that will be sent to them. We had a raffle amongst newcomers who actually got up and participated at the mic. So we have three winners that we pulled out of that: That's Tristan Bruns, Seyed Marashi and Karla Wagner. Then we had prizes again for the first registration, they go to Herve Clement, Hermann Lienstromberg and Elmar Bins.

The presentation ratings were also pulled out every day. That's Sebastian Becker, Heike Schwingel‑Horner and Marco d'Itri.

We had the Kahoot winners every day and the winners were below. And there is one more today. Right after the Closing Plenary, so there is one more chance for you to win a prize, and after the Kahoot today.

Thanks again to our sponsors, AMS‑IX, NTT, IPv4Mall, Prefix Broker, who helped us to further use and improve the Meetecho platform and also SpatialChat social platform. So thanks to you.

And last but not least, we would really like you to give us your feedback. Menno has already mentioned some little glitches, but overall from our perspective or from the RIPE NCC's and also from my perspective, I think the the meeting platform of Meetecho works really well and I also thought we had a great programme, great content, but obviously I don't see everything from my perspective here, so, please give us your feedback, anything you liked or didn't like, any improvements you would like us to make for next time we'd love to hear from you.

We have been saying that during the week, save the date for Berlin in May, we so hope so that we can go to Berlin. We have been postponing that, like, for two years now, this will be the third opportunity if you can go to Berlin, I'd love to go back to Berlin for a RIPE meeting. So I hope to see you all there. The date is already fixed.

And in the end, just in case you have any questions, obviously we have a little bit of time for questions, but also, if you want to reach Niall or myself directly, you can contact us at these e‑mail addresses here.

But, wait, there is more I think.

I would really like to thank, again, the RIPE NCC staff and team, the technical team and also the administrative team, but this would not be possible without one person and that's Alexandra Vos, who has done a great ‑‑ she is there. In the background in the office, we have Ollie handing over a gift to Alexandra, she was on her own, all of a sudden that Martina decided to leave in September. And she pulled off a great meeting and led the team and all the efforts putting together this RIPE meeting and I'd really like to thank her for putting together a great event.

So if I stop sharing, maybe we can see them.

OLIVER PAYNE: We just did the handover but we can show our face again.

ALEXANDRA VOS: Thank you. Thanks, everyone.

MIRJAM KUHNE: Now, I think I need to hand over back to Christian Kaufmann, or I don't know if there are any other activities planned.

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: Hello. It is a good question if there are other things planned. So is everyone else done? Still no singing.

BRIAN NISBET: We're just figuring that out, Christian. I mean, do you ‑‑ if you have your numbers, do you want to do your numbers?

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: No. I don't have numbers.

BRIAN NISBET: Okay. Do you want ‑‑

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: Any other content which is desperate to be presented, be my guest until I have numbers.

MIRJAM KUHNE: Are there any questions? I have been rushing through this. Have you any questions? This was kind of the regular stuff, but just let me know.

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: Kurt is asking if I'm in the library? It is actually not a virtual background so it was quite expensive and it is my own.

BRIAN NISBET: We do have have a question. Martin? No, no, that was... sorry... let's just ‑‑ okay, there are people who should have speaker powers now who should exercise them if they so wish to give CK a bit more time to get those numbers... he hinted.

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: Yeah, I will explain that a little bit as much as I can, but every minute I have more time, I might have more information. Otherwise I'll take over, that's fine as well, but I was told around 12‑ish, so, I'm not sure if there is anyone else. Otherwise I'm doing it.

BRIAN NISBET: Okay, we're going to... apparently, there will be some people from the shadows any moment now. If you want to kill your video and audio and then we'll step back.

(Pause while waiting for GM results)

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: So, back to the GM. Apparently, GMs are very floating things these days. I do not have results, but let me talk a little bit about that as much as I know right now and what are we doing as next steps.

So, usually what we do is we close the voting at nine o'clock and then, you know, we get the results sent and then people have enough time to produce some slides and then I can present them. This is usually how it works, and the hour is more than enough to put a couple of slides together.

This morning, what we got ‑ and now we have got to take this information with a grain of salt as much as I understand them and we will clarify them a little bit later in more detail ‑ is, we got results, but the results in the form looked different than before. So when we sent an e‑mail back and communicated with BigPulse to understand why is it different and if they can confirm the results and everything, we haven't received that voting result yet, or the confirmation, I should say.

With that, we then decided that it is probably better to really understand that instead of, you know, announcing an interpretation of them, and that was the hold‑up, so we are talking to them now and they looked into it as well to send that confirmation, and I haven't received it which means I can't really announce anything.

So what does that mean for us? A couple of things:

Number 1, the GM stays open and I get an award for the longest GM ever.

Second, we sent out an e‑mail today for the announcement and the closure of the GM, which we currently plan for 12 o'clock, I guess, Central European Time next week, Monday, but you will see it in the URL.

Then, the plan is to announce it, explain that a little bit more, and then close the GM. As usual, the idea is also to send out the raw data and the rest of what we have as an explanation, either I will explain it Monday or we send it out later as well, so that everybody understands what exactly has happened.

And with that, there is not much more I can say right now. I am not sure if there are any big questions, but I don't want to go too much in every detail because, to be honest, I don't have them, this is pretty much the data I have.

Any pressing parts?
Anyway, with that, I am postponing it 'til Monday, most likely 12 o'clock, and you'll get an e‑mail from the NCC and then you will know more, and with that ‑‑

BRIAN NISBET: Christian, there is one question.


BRIAN NISBET: I'll read it out to you if you'd like or you can read it yourself.

CHRISTIAN KAUFMANN: Carsten Schiefner asks: "Will this go to the members only or to the RIPE list in full?"
That is a good question. The announcement was usually, if I'm not mistaken, made on the NCC announce, if I'm not mistaken, then I guess everyone who has subscribed to that one. But you see the results usually anyway on the web page as well, so I think even for more non‑members the results are visible, and the good part ‑‑ oh, probably Carsten refers to the invite. Well, as the invite for the announcement as right now is open to everyone who was registered to the conference, to RIPE 83, I would assume we are sending it to exactly the same people again so that it feels exactly like I would have announced it now. So Carsten would also get an invite. That's at least my expectation.

The glitches and the hiccups. So Carsten asks basically if we send it to the members only or to the RIPE list in full. I think we will send it to the RIPE list in full 'til someone tells me this is either not a possible or legally not advisable or whatever, but that would be the part. And I think we usually do that with the announcement of the results. For me, it's always a little bit difficult to say because I am all of these mailing lists so I don't differentiate when they come to my inbox, so sorry for that. So I think we send it to all so that everybody understands what just has happened.

Good. Carsten has his answer, and otherwise, no other questions. Good. Then I postpone the GM, and give the microphone back to the NCC. Thank you.

Kahoot quiz)
See you all in Berlin!