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Alastair Strachan - 24-11-2021 14:30:22
Hi everyone, I’m Alastair Strachan from the RIPE NCC. This chat panel is meant for discussion ONLY. If you have questions for the speaker and you want the session chair to read it out, please write it in the Q&A window also stating your affiliation. Otherwise, you can ask questions using the microphone icon.
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Peter Hessler - 24-11-2021 14:30:52
we can hear you, and see your slides

Christian Kaufmann - 24-11-2021 14:32:34
@Daniel :-)

Suzanne Taylor - 24-11-2021 14:32:45
It's me, Suzanne Taylor! :)

Suzanne Taylor - 24-11-2021 14:32:53
My pleasure

Alastair Strachan - 24-11-2021 14:33:02
* takes a bow *

Elvis Daniel Velea - 24-11-2021 14:39:00
audio stopped for me

Nathalie Trenaman - 24-11-2021 14:39:09
not for me....

Elvis Daniel Velea - 24-11-2021 14:39:12

Alastair Strachan - 24-11-2021 14:39:45
audio is fine... @elvis.. if you continue to have issues, email opsmtg [at] ripe [dot] net

Kurt Erik Lindqvist - 24-11-2021 14:39:55
works fine for me

Elvis Daniel Velea - 24-11-2021 14:40:02
I'm on a different browser :)

Elvis Daniel Velea - 24-11-2021 14:40:16

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 14:43:50
how about an Atlas-probe on the ISS?

Aaron Hughes - 24-11-2021 14:44:04
That would be cool :)

Leo Vegoda - 24-11-2021 14:44:39
I thought the ISS was being decommissioned in just a few years

Robert Scheck - 24-11-2021 14:44:43
Does the ISS have regular TCP/IP at all?

Kaveh Ranjbar - 24-11-2021 14:45:03
If anyone has connections to get us through the door, we would be happy to pursuit that :)

Robert Kisteleki - 24-11-2021 14:45:22
I guess we could "send up" a software probe? :)

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 14:45:29
Robert: I suspect a very flexible NASA IP-network for all uses. Other idea: co-send an ATLAS probe with Starlink-sats?

Raymond Jetten - 24-11-2021 14:46:19
And one to Mars, latency may be a slight problem...

Rob Evans - 24-11-2021 14:46:35
Suspect it might take all the probe's CPU just to keep up with its lat/lon changes.

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 14:46:41
@ray: a 5min ping..

Raymond Jetten - 24-11-2021 14:47:06
Kurt thats to the moon, mars will take much longer

Dirk Meyer - 24-11-2021 14:47:15
I am missing the system requirements for the exams.

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 14:47:30
no, light speed to the moon is 1sec.

Rehan Syed Muhammad - 24-11-2021 14:47:34
Hi everyone, the link for signing up to participate in giving your feedback on our service, please go to

Raymond Jetten - 24-11-2021 14:47:47
Rehan: just signed up

Ulka Athale - 24-11-2021 14:47:55
@Dirk you can send the exams team an email on exams [at] ripe [dot] net

Raymond Jetten - 24-11-2021 14:49:16
Kurt: You*re right, i looked it up wrong

Rehan Syed Muhammad - 24-11-2021 14:53:31
Thanks Raymond.

Daniel Karrenberg - 24-11-2021 14:55:20
And Hans Petter spent significant time to talk to the Dutch government about getting exemptions too. He s just too modest to mention that.

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 14:57:56
we could file a joint appeal to the EU directly - as RIPE community.

Michael Richardson - 24-11-2021 15:00:32
I can see the point that the sanctions should mean that we don't do any business or give these countries any help. To my mind, if we don't give them numbering resources, then they will squat on something, and that will cause confusion, and in order to properly block communications with sanctioned countries, we need to know what their numbers are. So, I'd argue, in order to be able to apply the sanctions, we need the sanctioned countries to have numbering resources :-)

Robert Scheck - 24-11-2021 15:00:46
Kurt, interesting point. Maybe ask as question?

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 15:01:42
I did on the ML.

Hans Westerbeek - 24-11-2021 15:03:01
Elvis' mic sounds a bit like he's left the building...

Nathalie Trenaman - 24-11-2021 15:03:05
Is Elvis's audio just hard for me?

James Kennedy - 24-11-2021 15:03:09
very muffled Elvis

Nathalie Trenaman - 24-11-2021 15:03:21
he sounds like he's under water...

Nurani Nimpuno - 24-11-2021 15:03:44
Yes very muffled

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 15:03:58

Dmitry Kohmanyuk - 24-11-2021 15:04:03
1) it looks like a gag order on HPH

Cynthia Revström - 24-11-2021 15:04:14
Elvis, I think the NCC is trying everything beyond possibly trying to get another RIR to handle it

Dmitry Kohmanyuk - 24-11-2021 15:04:22
2) it looks like political issue with Russia

Dmitry Kohmanyuk - 24-11-2021 15:04:47
3) it looks like NCC would rather lose an excellent employee than close Moscow office

Robert Scheck - 24-11-2021 15:05:26
Kurt, sorry, I meant here in Q&A.

Dmitry Kohmanyuk - 24-11-2021 15:05:41
4) i still hope for resolution: allow employee to work from another place (Ukraine, UAE, Netherlands, ...); get another employee; etc.

Daniel Karrenberg - 24-11-2021 15:08:37
@dinitry: To stress once more what Hans Petter said: We are very very much aware of the support for Alexei Semenyaka in our community. This support guides our actions. There is just nothing concrete to announce at this point and we will do so once we can. Yes that is frustrating but necessary to have a successful outcome here.

Erik Bais - 24-11-2021 15:09:10
Thnx HPH

Sander Steffann - 24-11-2021 15:09:22
Virtual applause!

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 15:09:22
thanks for sharing some background.

Dmitry Kohmanyuk - 24-11-2021 15:10:06
@daniel i hope Russian government didnt threat to nuke NCC office from orbit...

Elvis Daniel Velea - 24-11-2021 15:10:22
lol Dmitry

Dmitry Kohmanyuk - 24-11-2021 15:10:43
or poison few people like they did in UK

Daniel Karrenberg - 24-11-2021 15:10:48
@dimitry: are we missing smilies here? i heard hypersonic weapons mentioned ..... ;-) ;-) :-) :-)

Yuriy Bogdanov - 24-11-2021 15:10:59

Dmitry Kohmanyuk - 24-11-2021 15:11:05
<hides in bunker>

Elvis Daniel Velea - 24-11-2021 15:11:38
Dmitry, they currently just blast satellites, not train stations

Daniel Karrenberg - 24-11-2021 15:13:30
@dimitry: more seriously: historically RIPE and the RIPE NCC have not reacted to threats in a way that those threatening us intended.

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 15:14:06
that raises the question: can the RIPE NCC IT operate without their HQ in AMS?

Elvis Daniel Velea - 24-11-2021 15:15:12
Kurt, I think they have multiple datacenters in NL, not just the one from Amsterdam Centraal :)

Yuriy Bogdanov - 24-11-2021 15:15:17
I belive they should

Yuriy Bogdanov - 24-11-2021 15:15:23
but nothing done for that

Marco d'Itri - 24-11-2021 15:15:24
and a disaster recovery instance abroad

Marco d'Itri - 24-11-2021 15:15:35
(hosted by Netnod)

Hans Petter Holen - 24-11-2021 15:15:54
COVID has show that we can operate from anywhere, but we have to be somewhere. No matter where we go we will be subject to some laws and regulations.

Yuriy Bogdanov - 24-11-2021 15:16:46
Elvis, there should be different countries, stable countries across he region. So it should be complitely indepentent, not only datacenters, but offices, bank accounts.

Yuriy Bogdanov - 24-11-2021 15:17:14
that's the ideal situation for organisation.

Cynthia Revström - 24-11-2021 15:17:15
that is a complete mess

Cynthia Revström - 24-11-2021 15:17:35
ideal in terms of being complicated and expensive

Daniel Karrenberg - 24-11-2021 15:17:41
@kurt: to be frank: there are no easy soloutions to this. we are doing our very best to provide equal service across our region. shows everyone that we are very very successful in limiting the effect of sanctions so far. So let us keep this in perspective.

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 15:17:42
@HPH there 2 separate question: 1 where the legal location of RIPE NCC is (i.e. for banking) and 2. where IT-locations are, if the HQ get's a desaster (fire, etc..)

Hans Petter Holen - 24-11-2021 15:19:52
Indeed. The legislation in all jurisdictions involved must be taken into account.

Sander Steffann - 24-11-2021 15:21:56
@brian: agreed, I had the same problem

Wolfgang Tremmel - 24-11-2021 15:22:00

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 15:22:21
reverse short and long labels.. then its ok.

Peter Hessler - 24-11-2021 15:22:30
15 mintues of RPKI outage is very high, but 22 hours of RPKI outage is merely medium. woo hoo!

Brian Nisbet - 24-11-2021 15:22:45
Not just me, great! :)

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 15:23:05
+1 Randy

Yuriy Bogdanov - 24-11-2021 15:23:06
If LIR member from sanction country can't pay because of no legal possibility, will NCC suspend and close it?

Peter Hessler - 24-11-2021 15:23:38
@Yuriy no, the NCC will continue servicing that LIR and will delay sending them an invoice until it is legally possible to receive and pay

Sander Steffann - 24-11-2021 15:23:40
Yuriy: what I remember from the recent report, they won't close it.

Razvan Oprea - 24-11-2021 15:23:46
The basic idea is that if a service's short outage creates a big impact (level 4) then it is a critical service (very high criticality level)

Ties de Kock - 24-11-2021 15:23:47
@Randy: 16 hours for the RIPE NCC before manifests start expiring.

Nathalie Trenaman - 24-11-2021 15:23:50
Peter: RPKI consists of a few elements. The repos can be down for a bit (as Randy says), but if the data that feeds the repos is down, things can get fishy quickly

Alastair Strachan - 24-11-2021 15:23:52
@yuriy... please write your question in the Q&A panel (icon with question mark) or please wait until the end of the talk and ask your question using audio. Thank you!

Yuriy Bogdanov - 24-11-2021 15:24:09

James Kennedy - 24-11-2021 15:24:24
:clap: :clap:

Sander Steffann - 24-11-2021 15:24:31
razvan: right, that was not obvious

Kurt Kayser - 24-11-2021 15:24:33
thanks, Kurtis & Felipe

Alastair Strachan - 24-11-2021 15:24:36
This session has now ended. The next session is RIPE NCC Services and it will start at 15:30. More info on the RIPE 83 meeting plan: